What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept  Cheques, Cash, Online Banking.

When will I be invoiced for my services?
Billing is done monthly in advance of service. We send out invoices to all of our customers between the 10th - 14th of each month, for services to be rendered the following month.  All payments to 1 888 - K9 - SCOOP should be made by month end (30th or 31st) in order to ensure that there will not be a disruption in the service being rendered. 

Can I pre-pay for more than 1 month of service?
Yes, you can pay for as many months as you'd like.  We offer a 10% discount when you pre-pay for the whole season of scooping.

Do you offer discounts for Seniors and the Physically Disabled?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount on our services for seniors and the physically disabled and foster pets.

Are there any contracts to sign?
No, there are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time.
We do however have an agreement that must be signed to give permission for a 1 888 - K9 - SCOOP employee to enter your yard.

How will I know if someone has serviced my yard?
We leave a "Been Scooped" card and a treat  for your pooch at your doorstep after each day of service to let you know that we were there.

Do you still offer service in the winter months?
No, unfortunately we can't scoop what we can't see. Quite often doo doo gets frozen to the ground when the temperature drops so we are unable to offer service after November.

Do I need to be present at the time of service?
No, as long as we can have access to the area that requires the dog waste removal nobody needs to be present.

Can my dog be in the yard when you're performing the service?
Yes, as long as your dog is not aggressive towards humans. If your dog exhibits any aggressive behaviour towards our pooper scoopers, the service will not be rendered and you will be notified of the reasons why.

Where do you dispose of the doggy doo?
We are the only Ministry of the Environment  certified pet waste removal service in the area. Your waste is safely removed and disposed of according to regulations.

What if Poop is overlooked and I'm not 100% Happy with my service?

Customer Service is our number one priority! If you're not happy, we're not happy. We'll do whatever it takes to give the you best customer service experience possible.

If you are not completely satisfied with your service, please call us within 24 hours of the cleaning, and we’ll return the next day to re-clean your property at no charge. We want to make things right! This is our DOO DOO FREE GUARANTEE

Please note that obstacles such as; excessive leaves, tall grass and weeds, scattered debris, large puddles of water and muddy areas, snow and as well as loose dog stools make removal difficult and void our GUARANTEE

Why should my dog's waste be picked up frequently?
Dog waste is not only an annoying problem, it can also be hazardous to both your dog's and your health.  Dog poop can contain many types of harmful parasites and diseases such as:  hookwormsroundworms,tapewormsheartwormswhipwormsSalmonellaE-coliGiardia, and Canine Parvovirus to name a few.  Some of these can be passed on to humans and cause a whole host of health problems including cramping, diarrhea, intestinal illness, and serious kidney disorders.  When dog waste that is infected with roundworms, hookworms, and other parasites is left on the ground, eggs from these parasites can bury themselves in the ground and remain there for years.  This makes it possible for your dog to become reinfested over and over again.  Moreover, picking up your dog's waste frequently will reduce the chance that you or your dog will step in the doggy doo and track it into your house or vehicle, and it helps to keep unpleasant odours to a minimum!

Do I get a discount for having a smaller dog?
No, we do not offer discounts for smaller dogs because its a lot harder to locate and scoop smaller dog poop than it is to locate the doggy doo of a larger dog.

How long have you been in business?
We've been helping hundreds of Barrie and area pet owners with the pickup and proper disposal of their pet waste since 2009.